Kyrgyzstan Crisis – A Warning For Many

Inflation, corruption, unemployment, fraud and chronic instability in any country proves to be a deadly combination in terms of political, economical and regional environment. The combination above creates a fireball, which unleashed, can burn everything in its path and spare no one. That’s exactly what the world saw as 5.3 million people of a small country Kyrgyzstan did away with the government and its president for good.  The bloody uprising which left 75 people dead and more than a 100 people injured, is a testimony to the fact that when the population goes beyond a certain threshold, it  has the immense power to rip apart the very system that was created by them  and for them  for good.

The looting exposed the luxurious lifestyle of a president of a country whose third of population was living below the poverty line.  The fraud has been to such an extent that the financial system has been frozen as the political leaders have literally emptied the coffers of the state.  Although the situation is worrisome, but it serves as a powerful reminder to every country; when the people of a country rise, no authority can survive its wrath and no one has the ability to suppress the voice of the people.

The Kyrgyzstan crisis is also a warning for many developing countries that are facing political and economical hardships.  One such country that needs to take heed from this incident is Pakistan for it faces much similarities.

The Musharraf era that began on a good note, ended disastrously on the accounts of suspending the Supreme court and the Parliament in one-act, the shooting incident of Laal Masjid and the involvement of army against terrorism in the tribal areas. The fire of terrorism continued in the democratic setup as it spread throughout the country. The suicide attacks  are on the rise in every major city. The present political setup is another blow for the economy, as now and then, political tensions and disputes occur threatening the very fragility of the democratic setup.

In addition to sensitive political state is the looming economic crisis, which is of immense concern. The resignation of finance minister Mr Shaukat Tarin sent a signal that not all is well with the country’s economy and the situation is deteriorating at a rapid pace. The budget deficit and government spending has reached epic proportions. The power shortages in the country has forced various businesses to shut down their operations within Pakistan and move elsewhere. The war on terrorism has made the economy vulnerable to global and regional shocks. Corruption is well-known and is deeply rooted in every single institution. This has raised critical concerns over the use of aid received from the developed countries as there is lack of accountability and transparency.  Many believe that the current situation is a repetition of period under Zia’s rule  as that era saw massive aid influx due to the battle in Afghanistan and in reality no development within Pakistan ever took place.

The widening income equalities, the rising costs of living as oil prices increase and utilities’ costs surge, the acute food shortages as last year with flour and sugar and the excessive power shortages have brought the public to the threshold.  Any further shocks or instability has the potential to recreate the scenario of Kyrgyzstan in Pakistan on a grand scale with unimaginable violence and chaos.

It about time that the political leaders of Pakistan clean up their acts and get together to uplift the economy from a turmoil.  Failure to do so will unleash the fireball that will spare no one and history might stand to witness the bloodiest chaos ever to take place in a country.

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