Women and Perfection

In 2008, a UK magazine Fabulous published its results of the survey of perfect figure. It found that men’s idea of perfect figure of a woman is UK size 12 (a US size 8 ) and women’s idea of perfect figure is UK size 8 (which is US Size 4) .  And within the same survey, 77% of the men wished that women were confident with their looks!  True, the survey was limited to Britain but the results are shocking!!! It shows the differences in the way men perceive women and how women perceive themselves.

The idea of perfection has dodged women for a decade.  Women are expected to perfect any role they take.  Unfortunately, the pressure has increased to a level where women are taking anti-stress pills and painkillers to achieve that perfection. Women these days have become more like machines that need to be updated on a daily basis. This updater process continues until death comes to the rescue.

Worse, it is the women who are judging other women. So a woman is fighting with her own kind for her acceptance in the society!  This concept is the harsh truth and at the same time disgusting. Young women all the time face questions on their appearance, looks, weight, status and class. One has to be of a certain color, height, weight and looks to be accepted as the ‘ideal’.

This ugly process of perfection has forced me, as a young woman, to think that if I don’t abide by the society’s norms then am I meant to perish?  My views, my feelings, my personality and education doesn’t stand for anything?!! Why can I not be accepted with my imperfections?

It is this notion that I find disgusting and ridiculous. Women, no doubt, have the ability of multitasking but that does not imply that we are not humans. It does not mean that we have to abide by the unconventional wisdom that comes at the expense of our health and survival.  A woman should accept herself and be accepted for the way she is because no one is born perfect. True, there are certain weakness that can be worked on. But it is not worked on for the sake of others, rather, it is done for one’s own well-being.  But to work on them strictly to be accepted and to make others happy should not be the case. If a woman is not happy herself, how can she ever make anyone happy?

The harsh reality is that not everyone can me made happy all the time.  There are bound to be people who will comment even if one is at its best.  Women give so much of themselves away and never think to nurture themselves.  The more women give themselves to society, the more the society demands. The society’s demand is never-ending. And women all their lives abide by such demands even if it comes at the cost of their mental and physical health. So really what’s the point of molding oneself according to the way others want? What is the point of perfection?

Life at its best is not perfect. Imperfection allows change and growth to take place. It gives life meaning whereas perfection is a state which lacks progress. Why then should a woman try to reach such a state?

Perhaps this is my way of perceiving matters but I don’t want to mold myself according to wisdom that cost me my health. I want to live life. The only way one can live life is not by pleasing others and meeting their demands. It is what one sees oneself to be and achieve that. Your own well-being should mean something and if it doesn’t then one thing is for sure: society will tread upon you even if you are the best.


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