Women = Disasters, Evil and Corruption?

‘Women are the root cause of all evils’ – the quote doesn’t surprise me any longer. They are witches, murderers, manipulators and demons. Their very existence is testament of the presence of evil in the world its pure essence.

Even after burning and drowning women on being witches, oppressing them through various tools, physically torturing them in homes and killing them in womb through sex-selective abortions, the world’s rage on women has not, in the slightest, decreased in its intensity.  The recent statement by the Iranian cleric that women (scantily dressed women that is ) spread corruption in the society and are the main cause of earthquakes didn’t stun me at all. Rather, I took it normally because after all its’ a man world.  Woman is (unfortunately) born with the blame and no matter how hard she fights, she has to bear with the stamp of being the corrupter of the environment and society.

No matter how many sins or evil a man commits, the underlying cause is always the woman. The greed, the lust of power,deceiving and manipulating the common individual by men is not sinful at all. These are the recommended features in men which forces me to ask;

Is it possible that the financial crisis in the developed world was caused by women?

If you think from a man’s point of view, I’m certain a range of points will be raised that do all the finger-pointing on women and seriously, in the end women will be blamed for the biggest global financial mess. Ironically, the men who led to the financial and economic meltdown were given birth by women and MEN cannot be blamed because the child takes all the genes from the woman, not the man not the environment.

This finger-pointing and blaming game makes me ask; if women are so bad, so inherently evil, then why not turn your back on them? Why again and again there is emphasis on women’s role as a mother, as a companion and as a significant role player in economic development? After all, when women can’t do anything good, then why involve them with any other processes?

No matter how good a woman is, how kind she is by her nature, how organized and well-educated she is and absolutely, no matter, how hard she strives for her family, relatives and children, in the end she gains nothing. She loses her identity, interests and even health and for what? For a man, who in the end turns around and says (with an innocent expression) ‘I never asked you for it’ and for a society, that turns around and says ‘So what? you, as a woman, were meant to do it’.

In real life, majority of the observations seem to go on in one direction; women are never ever appreciated. (I hardly know any man who has ever truly appreciated his wife or mother or sister for something good in his life.). Anything good in a man’s life is because of his own hard work, thinking and strength.  All the good doings are credited to men, all the ill-doings are credited to women.

This raises the question then when men don’t ask for it, when society expects women to do it simply because they are women, and when women are not appreciated for anything, then why do anything? Why bother to give anything? Why not a woman live her own life and contribute only to an extent where her physical and psychological health is not compromised? Why give everything when in the end there is no appreciation and only blame?

Why do we strive for families, relations and friends when we don’t know what the future holds for us? We don’t know the children we are bringing up will turn out to be good citizens or some successful and corrupt individuals that cause global chaos. We don’t know whether the time invested in relationships and friends will be fruitful or not. In simple terms, we don’t know the future. But we know one thing for certain; we, as women, will be blamed for everything.

Thus, today, a greater number of women are becoming victims of depression, eating disorders and other psychological and physical illnesses. Why? Because women continue to give beyond their capacities and strengths. There is today much emphasis on women to take care of themselves and start thinking of themselves as ‘human beings’ and its about time that women should start thinking!!!

My questions as to why women are not appreciated remains. In the mean time, let us wait and see what other disasters or incidents the ill-fated women bring upon the world.