Work – The New Killer

We don’t have time to appreciate the wonders of Nature

The current world order is becoming difficult each day. The financial meltdown, the debt crisis, the eruption of volcano and the oil spill in one way or another have distorted the lives of many, Many have lost their jobs and those who do have one hope that times get better before getting any worse.

This is a global phenomenon. The recent news of string of suicides in one Chinese factory where products of Apple, Dell, HP and Sony are developed has been shocking. It makes one wonder; what in the world is going on? Why commit suicide when you have a good job and good facilities? IN a time, when jobs are hard to come by, why is then that people are taking their own lives? !! Although, the companies have started their own investigations, but the truth is that answer to the question is much more complicated than we think of it.

The Mindset Today

Never before has the process of integration of economies has been this fast before globalization. There is no doubt that trade liberalization and liberalization of foreign investment has brought much development in some of the developing countries. Too many a road has finally opened to escape from poverty and live a good life.

But with development factors also came anti-development factors. Globalization brought undesirable changes in terms of cultural and social aspects. It has brought along pressures that were once unheard of and is making ‘living’ itself hard. There is now a race to get at the top at all costs and have everything. The mindset has changed considerably because work is now not only seen as for survival purposes, but it is a route to become rich and to have everything.

Consider this.  People have always been brand conscious and many can’t even think of wearing anything else other than a specific brand. The reality however is that not everyone can afford high-class brands. In the past, no one used to give a damn as to what brand you were wearing and in the West this is still pretty much the case. In the Asian societies however, the brand has become a curse. If you don’t wear a brand, you are automatically put into a category of a certain class and are even treated that way.

Therefore, to be a part of a certain class, you have to work hard enough to ensure that you can do and wear certain things that will allow people to ‘see’ what you are.  Your education, character and personality doesn’t play a role today at all. As long as you are able to flaunt your best designer wear jeans and designer wear bags, attend parties, boast about your work and how you mistreat your co-workers, people will talk to you and you’ll be the ‘darling’ of all the parties.

To be appreciated by everyone and to be at the top is only possible through work, work , work and work  even if the luxuries come at the expense of your health and life.  The phenomenon has reached to such an extent that one is even willing to sell the soul in return for all the power and the luxuries of life.!

The concept of friendship and true relations has just ceased to exist in Asian societies. More importantly, the young generation wants to have it all and there is a lack of tolerance. No longer can we bear any setbacks and obstacles in our path. In the case of Chinese factories’ death, emotional affairs and family problems have been cited as major reasons for suicides.

Jealously is in abundant supply. Values of human relationships is gone and all the parties and dinners these days are about showing off your shopping or the latest gadgets just bought recently. Good wishes do not

Work and Die

Pleasure of simple moments doesn’t exist today. Even in free time (if there is any) one has tensions in one way or another. There is no enjoyment in life. The race to win and survive is extremely competitive. If success means to trample anyone in the way, it will done in the most cruel manner ever thought of.

People simply degrade one another through indirect means. No one helps out anyone for the fear of being back-stabbed or for being run over. And no one is happy. No one at all. Everyone complains of one thing or another. Everyone wants everything. And for everything the recipe is work, work and work. Lose yourself in work.

Don’t complain when faced with health problems like mental stress, blood pressure, heart problems and others. This is the price to be paid for success. No complains if no good friends are around for support. This is the price of success.

Times are tough…….

I wonder how are we ever going to live through these times? Just how? . Sadly, today I have no answer for my questions