June 24


#weekendcoffeeshare: Life Rekindled


If I were having a coffee, I would tell you the chaos I had faced, both at once, in both my professional and personal life in the last year and that this Ramadan is different.

Both worlds collided. I couldn’t breathe, yet, I kept on working and moving along the flow. The pressure was hard and it knocked me down a million times. I got up every time. Looking back I don’t know how I survived. My views changed and my world changed. I forgot my passions. I forgot to write, to read books, to paint, to bake and kept walking senselessly wherever the tide was taking me. I did not resist.

The collisions came to an end, and life slowed down. Ramadan is here giving me a space to reflect and breathe again.

Looking back, I have learned so much. I am a changed person. I accept being introvert and love myself for it. I am an individual who is finally loving herself. I am embracing my imperfections, uniqueness and every aspect that makes me. Life does gives you a second chance, if only, you learn to grab it and rebuild yourself. One does learn a lot about oneself in challenging times. Chaos and hardships transforms one either for the best or for the worst. It is our choice to choose a path that gives oneself the best return. Work goes on, but without passions, life is dull. There is nothing wrong in following your interests and developing skills in your interests.

Take the time out to pursue your interests without any care as to what others will think of them and of you. Slow down to enjoy your surroundings and the scenes around you. Breathe. Let your lungs be full of fresh air. Let your mind wander and see new dreams. I’m taking the steps towards my interests. I’m slowly changing my habits without hurting the real me.   I am back to writing on my blog, am reading books again and am painting again. Enjoy the pleasure of being free and do what you love.

Don’t ever care what people think of you. Live your life to the best of your true self and everything else will settle around you.

What did you learn from your chaos?