#HappeninginQatar The Doha International Book Fair

I eagerly looked forward to going to the 27th Doha International Book Fair that began on Nov 30th. On till Dec 10th 2016, it is one event that has proved to be successful and I didn’t want to miss it for anything.  As an avid book reader, Doha lacks a good bookstore. The existing so-called bookstores entertain a very limited genre of books for the book readers. The limitation is not good enough for book lovers considering if one wants to read different genres. One major incentive for me to travel to Dubai was the biggest bookstore Kinokuniya at the Dubai Mall.

Kinokuniya -Dubai Mall, Credit: Time out Dubai

So when a book fair that brings a range of books, of all genre and from all over the world comes at your doorstep, you do not let the opportunity go.

Currently under way at Doha Exhibition Center, the fair has attracted many from all walks of life. From historical, cultural, spiritual, fiction, non-fiction, course books, kids’ books to knowledge games, there is a huge variety catering to both English and Arabic readers. One can easily get lost in such a realm and lose sight of the money while paying for the books!

The best part of the book fair is the books for children. Children of all ages can try reading various books and explore. Building a reading culture and a reading habit in children requires an exposure to a variety of books. Reading books helps in building creativity and imagination in children and is crucial to developing the critical and thinking skills that are essential in today’s world. Without reading books, it is hard to relate and understand the complexities of real life and humans relationships. Books through stories provide a glimpse of real life, social issues, the impacts of events on one’s life and a journey that unravels the human characters through emotions, environment and thoughts. The stories create a world in the reader’s mind where characters come to life and one sees, feels and understands the dynamics of the events in the book. It is this connection that films seek to have with their audience and only the good stories make the cut.

So how was the experience? Well, this time round, the prices are reasonable  and it was fairly easy to find the section with books in English. However, it is best to explore and dig deep in each stall as there is a possibility that you could land up with a real treasure in your hands. My sister-in-law and I definitely did find treasures (and she even negotiated the price!). So, for book lovers here in Doha, do drop by the 27th Doha International Book Fair to have your dose of books of all kinds. 🙂