Off The Wall – Careem and Rishta Aunty

Careem Pakistan, on early Wednesday morning, sent notifications and emails to its users stating “Your Rishta has arrived”.

A two-day campaign by Careem is to hook up all those seeking to find partners in the most “desi” of ways. It offers to find the right person the “halal” way.

I am laughing my head off at this absurd marketing maneuver of Careem Pakistan. Their slogan is bonkers

Bas kar forever alone ka naara, ab status hoga ‘taken’ tumhara.’

(translation: Stop the forever alone slogan, now your status will be “taken”)

Because you see, our moms, aunts, cousins, friends and other ladies are not enough to deal with that Careem also decided to join this band wagon to make a difference.  Careem will be the savior of all the single men and women.

And that’s why, In my opinion, the whole campaign is ridiculous. We are a culture fixated on marriage and doesn’t let go of failed processes like these ‘rishta aunties’.

I know this for I am one of those who have gone through the whole process where these so-called rishta aunties spoke greatly about the great demand and supply of good rishtas and families looking for good girls for their sons and delivered nothing.  So from experience, I can say  these so-called “rishta aunties” are sham. How so?

Well, the rishta aunties are extremely good in asking for advance fees and absolutely the best at delivering the worst results.  Some rishta aunties who are from good families and of wealthy status, make the same claims about the great demand and supply of rishtas of good families. The only difference is that they don’t ask directly for money. Instead, they ask money for charitable causes. Depending on the amount given, they will send the appropriate or not so appropriate proposal at your door. What is ironic is that they take the other party for a fool. They don’t even realize that not every one is a fool. Some will catch their indirect ways and will not fall into their trap again.

Also, beware! The rishta aunties never ever give guarantees of the proposals they send. The only thing the rishta aunties are average at is providing basic information such as age, occupation, family status and education. It’s not their business to ask or know if the guy is or was previously married because that’s the headache of the girl’s family, not theirs. The girl’s family should do the background search. Also, if the proposed option turns out to be divorced, be rest assured it all the girl’s fault, not the guy’s. You will hardly ever find a rishta aunty  that blames the man for a failed marriage.

I see the rishta aunties as the “money-making” machines exploiting the narrative. To everyone’s delight,  Careem’s campaign is promoting such money-making machines.

So Careem thank you for reminding me how messed up our society is via this pathetic marketing campaign.

I’m happy being single. And for marriage, I believe in the saying ” when its meant to be, it will be”.