New Chapter

“Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lessons.”


I started my journey in the blogging world as “Perspectives” while searching for a job. With a full-time job and the growing responsibilities, the writing and blogging both came to a halt as I navigated the professional and the personal world filled with challenges.

Each and every experience along the way has taught me valuable lessons. The most important one of all: don’t wait to do things. Do them now for time will pass by and only regrets will remain.

And so it was time to listen to the heart, take the risk and pursue the dreams and desires long neglected. With that decision came re-inventing the wheel. Embracing the fears and challenges, the blog “Perspectives” received a new life with this space becoming the hub of exploration and creativity in art. 

Why art? 

Art for me is a world without boundaries, without limits, where imagination comes to life and a realm of possibilities opens itself. Paintings can be interpreted in a million ways and yet no interpretation is wrong. It is a space where one can express thoughts on matters through various mediums, experiment, create and learn through the process of trial and error. Exploring, learning and creating engages the soul and time just melts. “Engaged” captures the moments, thoughts, works: a journey where learning, creating and exploring take a new meaning.

Taking the first step is always difficult, but once taken, more steps can be taken and before you know it, it becomes a journey.