Newzglobe (March 2010 – February 2011)                                  

– ‘Discipline’ – The Key For GCC Monetary Union”

– ‘Mr Death’ Revealed by HBO Documentary’

– ‘One Ring to Bring Them all and Bind them into the Darkness’

– ”Outside The Law’ and “Bhutto’ On Top’

‘A New World Order is About to Come!’

‘Airlines to Face Privatization Axe’

‘Arab Region Getting too Hot for many Species’

– ‘Arctic Circle – A New Route for Oil?!’

‘Care Packages for Labourers Abandoned by Their Employer’

– ‘Energy and Water: Challenge for GCC’

‘Era of Cheap Labour Ending’

‘Food Crisis to Replicate Land Investment Spree?’

– ‘G-20 and GCC on the Same Path’

– ‘GCC Engulfed by Food Pressure’s

– ‘GCC: Next Stop of Food Crisis?’

– ‘Globalization Tearing Apart……’

– ‘Ground Zero Mosque to Generate Another Controversy’

– ‘ Hepatitis C Plagues Egypt’

‘ Inept Graduates the Cause of Global Downturn?’

– ‘Inequalities Everywhere’

– ‘Jubilation for Chile!!!!’

-‘MDGs: Where Do We Stand?’

-‘ Middle East – The New Target of Cyclone?’

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