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December 04

#HappeninginQatar The Doha International Book Fair

I eagerly looked forward to going to the 27th Doha International Book Fair that began on Nov 30th. On till Dec 10th 2016, it is one event that has proved to be successful and I didn’t want to miss it for anything.  As an avid book reader, Doha lacks a good bookstore. The existing so-called […]

August 20

#weekendcoffeeshare: Would You Believe…..

Would you believe if I told you I am not a strong woman? Would you believe if I told you that I have lost faith in love? Would you believe if I told you that I continue to fight the many battles that no one has any idea about?  Would you believe? Here I am sitting […]

June 27

Unfolding the Brexit

“UK votes to leave EU” – the glaring headline that graced my Facebook news feed on Friday 24 June 2016. The Brexit has happened and chaos follows the financial markets worldwide. The shocking result stunned the political establishments worldwide. Hysteria took over as the shock reverberated through the financial markets across the global economy. According to […]

June 24

#weekendcoffeeshare: Life Rekindled

  If I were having a coffee, I would tell you the chaos I had faced, both at once, in both my professional and personal life in the last year and that this Ramadan is different. Both worlds collided. I couldn’t breathe, yet, I kept on working and moving along the flow. The pressure was […]

November 07

“Imagine. Create. Learn” – WISE 2014

The stage was set on 4th Nov 2014 in Doha, Qatar for the biggest, renowned names and audience to come together under one roof  to debate and discuss the biggest issue of the present time – education. The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) 2014 theme “Imagine, Create and Learn: Creativity at the Heart of […]