A Different Beat

In March 2014, I was visiting my brother in Dubai to enjoy the Spring break after a much hectic work schedule.   We went to The Dubai Mall only because the biggest bookstore Kinokuniya is there (which for me means the perfect chance to “splurge money on books’ 🙂 ).But once there, my brother decided to take me on a tour of the mall even if I didn’t want to go into any other stores.

While walking in the mall, the subtle music notes in the air caught my attention.  Trying to locate the sound, my brother seeing the look on my face took me to the source.  This was the pastry shop Arabesq – devoted to oriental specialties . Two men with utensils, smiling, are the source of the beats. Standing there, I was in awe and could feel like dancing to the tune. I caught it all on video then as I had enjoyed the moment thoroughly. And who could have thought that music and making ice cream go hand in hand?

Some times its just takes a different beat to lift you up. Enjoy!


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