Samreen M Khan, a citizen of Pakistan, is a writer born and raised as an expat in the Gulf State of Qatar. She pursued Bachelors in Economics from Lahore University of Management Sciences  (LUMS), Lahore, after which she pursued her postgraduate degree. She gained a distinction in MSc Economic Development  from the Adam Smith Centre of Development Studies, University of Glasgow,  Scotland, UK.

The eldest child of the family, an introvert, Samreen is “The Quiet Rebel” who explores, questions, observes, experiences, learns and develops her own perspectives on various matters that affect our lives in one or another. She speaks her mind and dares to step into new territories to learn unique cultures, views, philosophies, skills and different experiences that are a part of real life complexities.

Apart from her passion for economics, her interests include: reading books, oil and watercolor painting, photography, baking, cooking and watching movies.